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New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier Smile

January 1, 2021

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Woman on New Year's Eve

Everyone out there wants to have a healthy smile, but many don’t take the steps to help them get there. However, New Year’s has just rolled around. This means that there is no better time to make some changes to better yourself as a person. Whether you are opting to spend an extra day at the gym each week, or you are trying to perform an act of kindness daily, these are all great efforts to change for the better. A dentist shares some ideas for New Year’s resolutions that will help you obtain a healthy smile. Read on to learn what they are.

See Your Dentist More Often

Regular cleanings and checkups are essential for optimal oral health, but about one third of Americans do not see their dentist as often as they would like to. Now that it is a new year, there is no better time to give your dentist a call to schedule an appointment. Don’t forget to schedule your next appointment before you leave.

Floss More Frequently

Brushing is effective at removing both plaque and food debris from your teeth, but there are some areas of the mouth where the bristles cannot quite reach. That’s where dental floss comes into play. This step is necessary so you can remove bacteria-filled plaque from between the teeth and beneath the gumline. If you haven’t already gotten into this habit, now is a great time to start. Place your container of floss right next to your toothpaste so that you see it every time you brush.

Don’t Smoke

Using tobacco products doubles your risk for gum disease and is linked to many other health issues, like oral cancer. This habit can be extremely difficult to quit, so it’s important that you find a healthier replacement activity for when the craving kicks in. Talk to your doctor, friends, and family about the best ways you can cut them out for good.

Cut Back on Sugar

Everyone loves a sugary treat now and again, but if you are having too much, you are putting your oral health at risk. Reduce the number of sugary sweets that you buy and try to find something else that satisfies the craving. For example, have a sparkling water instead of cola, or have sugar-free gum instead of hard candy.

Choose Smile-Friendly Foods

Not all foods are bad for your teeth. Some of them are actually beneficial. Try adding some healthy foods into your diet, like dairy products. They are beneficial for your teeth because they are high in calcium. Have some milk or yogurt for breakfast. Cheese, apples, pears, carrots, celery, and almonds are also excellent options.

Make 2021 the year that you achieve optimal oral health. Try out one or more of the resolutions listed above to help you get there!

About the Author

Dr. David Hirshfield earned his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree from Tufts University. He is currently a member of the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Massachusetts Dental Society, Norfolk County Dental Society and the Doctor’s Organization for Conscious Sedation as well as other organizations. For more ways to keep your smile healthy or to schedule an appointment at his office in Medfield, visit his website or call (508) 359-8822.

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