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Sedation Dentistry- Our Grateful First Patient

March 27, 2019

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All the equipment and medications we needed were in the office and we were ready for our first sedation patient. Every dentist has his or her share of nervous patients. So much so that we tell our patients that being nervous is “normal” and we mean it!
Finding our first patient was easy as we were able to look at our current patients who needed treatment and were barely able to tolerate the anxiety associated with those dental procedures despite, by their own admission, not feeling any pain. One of these patients, who needed work, jumped at the chance when she knew sedation was available.
Our first sedation appointment exceeded all our expectations. The patient almost appeared to be napping and didn’t react as she normally did to dental treatment. In fact she was totally relaxed. My assistant and I couldn’t believe this was the same person!
We had her back in the office the next day to follow up and be sure she was comfortable. I decided to ask about her perceptions of the sedation experience. She said she remembered her husband bringing her to the office but nothing else after that. I asked if she remembered any of the dental treatment that had caused her so much anxiety in the past. She said she couldn’t remember any of it and that it was the best dental experience of her life.
All I could think was “wow”! Seeing the comparison between her prior experiences and sedation, I knew we could help many patients. Next month I’ll continue to tell about how we ended up helping hundreds of patients achieve the dental health they wanted using sedation.

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