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Whitening Your Teeth-We are Almost There

July 20, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — hirshfield @ 12:18 pm

woman with white teeth smilingIn my last blog post, I talked about how whitening began in dentistry and the inconsistent results that I experienced in my office. This time I want to talk about some of the advances that have occurred as the whitening process was refined.

As time went on, a new procedure became available: whitening in the dental office. For patients who did not want to do the tray procedure at home, or were impatient to get a more immediate result, in-office whitening was now a viable alternative or option. The process took about 90 minutes. Bleach was applied directly to the teeth by the dentist or a trained staff member. Again, the results unfortunately were inconsistent as to how white the teeth would get. And tooth sensitivity and gum irritation were still sometimes a frustrating problem.

Another way to whiten teeth was developed ten to fifteen years ago. This was called “over the counter whitening”, and products like Crest White strips became available to the public with no prescription necessary. This technique was considerably less expensive, but more often than not the results were marginal.

So we had a whitening process that indeed does work, but not consistently and not without side effects. But there finally is good news to report! Next time I will talk about new and up-to-date advancements that can whiten teeth predictably giving patients reliable and beautiful results with little to no sensitivity.

In my next post, I will share some really good information on what I feel works extremely well to achieve consistent, beautiful, whiter teeth.


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